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964 11 months ago

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Fekree 11 months ago
Christy loves what she does, good to see she is getting her figure back after what happened to her. looking good again!
Dirg 11 months ago
Chб»‹ kb zalo em Д‘i
Mugal 11 months ago
My first 3 kids are perfect angels for the most part. Had I stopped at 3 I could’ve written a book on how to raise kids and given myself a pat on the back for how awesome I am. However I was blessed with #4 who has more energy and destructive power then the Tasmanian Devil. I’ve lost it and yelled, “WHY CANT YOU BE NORMAL!?!?” I’ve definitely had plenty of not so proud moments with that little boy so I completely know what you’re saying when you talk about eating crow.
Kejora 11 months ago
Thanks! And also. you're absolutely yummy

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